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Backyard Putting Green Construction Manual
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Here at Putting-Greens.com you can purchase everything you need to get started building your own green. Our instruction manual will tell you everything that you need to know about building and maintaining the green, and is perfect for those "evaluating" this project. Here you can also order professional golf course accessories from Par Aide Products such as practice green flag/cup sets and hole cutters. We also carry top quality penncross bentgrass seed fresh from Oregon which we ship in individual one pound bags. Even pro quality greensmowers from Hudson Star. You can purchase online using Paypal or Credit Card with our secure shopping cart, or you can mail a check/money order. Happy shopping!

Construction Kits and Instruction Guides
Putting Green
Construction Manual

This 55 page instruction manual guides you through all of the considerations when building and maintaining a putting green on your property. With dozens of photos and illustrations, this guide will help you avoid common mistakes and achieve golf course-like quality. If you are thinking about a putting green project on your property .. this is required reading.

$20 each + S/H -------------
Construction Kit

Our Putting Green Kit includes everything that you need to get started with your backyard (approx. 1000 sf) putting green project. Kit includes our famous Putting Green Instruction Manual, (1) Par Aide Easy Cup Cutter, (1) Par Aide Practice Green Flag/Cup Set and (2) lbs. of Penncross Bentgrass Seed, enough to cover a 1000 SF green.

$125 each + S/H -------------
Putting Green Flags and Accessories
Par Aide
Practice Flag/Cup

You will be pleased with these high quality practice green cup and flag sets. Each set contains a 4" practice cup to be set in the ground, a wide base ball puller attached to a sturdy 32" flagpole for easy retrieval and a plain nylon (various colors) flag which you can decorate or number. Order a few and put them in different locations.

$38 each + S/H ---
Color? ------
Par Aide
Putting Green Markers

These PGM's (Putting Green Markers) from Par Aide are great for practice greens. They are extra long (33") and easy to retrieve without bending over ... have a convenient pull handle and are made of strong plastic which can also be numbered. Includes a practice green 4" plastic Par Aide cup. Hunter Green only. Non tip design. Ships fully assembled.

$34 each + S/H -------------
Par Aide
Cupless Targets

Great on or off the green for chip shot practice, these 19-1/2 in. (49.5 cm) high markers are easy to add and move additional targets on your green during a practice session or contest. No cups required.

$16 each + S/H -------------
Par Aide
Bunker Rakes

Built a bunker next to your masterpiece? Add the final touch with these professional but affordable bunker rakes from Par Aide. These rakes are durable and can take all the wear and tear you can give them.

$35 each + S/H -------------
Par Aide
Regulation 6" Cup

Durable bright white plastic cups featuring minimum taper for a snug fit, both on the course and on the practice green. Meets all USGA regulations. Purchase one of these cups if you want to install a full size golf flag with ferrule.

$16 each + S/H -------------
Par Aide
Triangular PGM

Available in Red only, without numbers. Convenient handle for lifting ease. Non-tip bottom base effectively lifts ball out of hole. Easy to assemble. Includes a Par Aide 4" Practice cup. Numbers can be applied with decals or painted on. These have a very cool retro look .. great for the backyard green.

$26 each + S/H
Only 2 Left!
Par Aide
"Sure Putt" 3" wide Practice Cup

These innovative 3 inch wide practice cups (new from Par Aide!) are one of the best putting training aids we have seen. Insert one of these into your practice green, follow the training system, and regulation cups will look like the Grand Canyon. Highly recommended product for any practice putting green!

$30 each + S/H -------------
Par Aide
Sure Putt Practice Green System

Includes everything you need to setup a little-hole practice facility .. e Sure Putt System consists of a Hole Cutter (designed to cut a 3" wide by 3.5" deep hole), 3 putting cups (3" x 3.5"), a cup puller and sign explaining how the system works. This system is widely regarded as one of the best putting aides for any level of golfer.

$225 each + S/H -------------
Par Aide
Master Ballwasher

Just like the professional ball washers you find on golf courses throughout the world, these Par Aide ballwashers will add that pro golf course touch to your backyard masterpiece. Sets up easily with portable base or can be mounted. Ensemble includes washer, pole and base. (towels not included)

$399 each + S/H ----
Color? ------
US Orders only.
Par Aide
Tee Markers

Setting up a golf course or tee boxes in your yard? These 4" pro spherical tee markers are just like the ones used at golf courses and will designate tee boxes with style. Specify White, Blue, Red, Yellow or Black (or just get all the colors) when you order. 4" diameter two-piece construction with cast-in stainless steel spike attached.

$20 pair + S/H -------
Color? ------
Par Aide
Regulation Flag

These solid color regulation flags use a Dupont process to resist fading, have stronger stitching, bar-tacked corners and four rows of fly-hem stitching to ensure high durability up to golf course standards. These 200 denier nylon tube style flags attach easily to Par Aide Regulation Flag Poles. Note: these are for 7' Tall Regulation Golf course flags. For practice green flag replacements see below.

$17 each + S/H ----
Color? ------
Par Aide
Regulation Flag Pole

These 1/2 inch (1.2 cm). Solid Regulation Fiberglass Flagsticks are just like the ones used on golf courses and will last many years in all kinds of weather. These flagstics are 7' tall. Poles: White color only available. All Par Aide flagsticks feature their no-stick ferrule. Also recommended: 6' Regulation Cup and Regulation Flag. (sold separately).

$47 Each + S/H -------
Color? ------
US Orders only. Box is oversized: Parcel Post delivery only (please allow 2 wks for delivery). Additional shipping fees may apply for this item.
Premium Bentgrass Seed
Bentgrass Seed

Penncross is the most common variety variety of bentgrass seed used for putting greens and is suitable for most regions of the country. You need 1 lb. per 1000sf for a newly planted green, but we recommend that you get an extra pound per 1000 sf for repairs, fill-ins, back-up turf, etc.

$29 each + S/H -------------
International Orders - please check with local Mail Customs before ordering.*
Penn A4
Bentgrass Seed

We are now offering premium high quality Penn A4 seed from Tee 2 Green. This advanced hybrid bentgrass is suitable for hotter climates where drought tolerance and disease resistance are required.

$34 each + S/H -------------
International Orders - please check with local Mail Customs before ordering.*
Putting Green and Turfgrass Maintenance Tools
Par Aide
Easy Cup Cutter

Quality Cup Cutter from Par Aide Set your putting cups 1" below the turf just like the Pros. This (crude but effective) heavy gauge, steel hole cutter "cuts" the hole to exact regulation size and makes "setting" the cup a breeze. Works for both regulation putting cups and practice green putting cups.

$39 each + S/H -------------
Par Aide
Pro Cup Cutter

Pro Style lever-action hole cutter from Par Aide, features durable but lightweight aluminum/steel cutter used on golf courses worldwide. High quality blade provides precision cuts, resists rock damage and offers longer life. Lever action makes hole changes a snap.

$250 each + S/H -------------
US Orders only.
Green Spiker Tool

Accuform Green spiker. Heavy-duty 12 in. (30.5 cm) steel head, with 18 stainless steel star spikes, penetrates soil deeper. Ergonomically bent 54 in. (1.37 m) aluminum handle. Excellent for scarifying greens, breaking up algae, overseeding and providing best seed-to-soil contact. This is one of the finest tools we have seen for hand-dethatching of home greens.

$135 each + S/H -------------
US Orders only.
Green Saver
Ball Mark Repair Tool

The Green-Saver utilizes an 8-prong design. A simple press of the handle sends the first set of 4 prongs into action. These prongs move from the outside of the ball mark to the inside, closing the hole. Then the second set of 4 prongs enters the turf at an angle and lifts the turf around the ball mark. Great for backyard greens that experience divots from full or half shots.

$250 each + S/H -------------
US Orders only.
Par Aide
Cup Setter

Heavy cast aluminum with powder-coated white finish. Assures cup is set exactly 1 in. (2.5 cm) below green’s surface. For a professional finish and consistent look every time, set your cups with the Par Aide Pro Cup Setter.

$50 each + S/H -------------
Par Aide
Hole Cutter Guide

Anodized black aluminum, 23 in. x 19 in. (58.4 cm x 48.2 cm). Place the guide on the green when cutting cup hole to eliminate heel marks, minimize raised hole edges and encourage a straight cut.

$59 each + S/H -------------
Par Aide
Depth Gauge

Unique single set screw design allows for easy locating, straightening and tightening. Made of cast aluminum and anodized black. Fits all hole cutters and allow for precision depth cutting of holes.

$29 each + S/H -------------
Par Aide
Cup Puller

Features long rod and rubber handle for maximum leverage and comfort. Plated steel construction. Three-hook design pulls cup out of hole straight and with ease, with no damage to the turf. You will love this tool ... when your green matures and you can't pull the cups out.

$24 each + S/H -------------
Par Aide
Crew Caddy

It's a convenient case that helps you organize your tools, so you can save time when working on your green. Make transporting a variety of tools fast and easy, while keeping everything within reach: Removable soil container, Curved edges for carrying comfort, Smooth bottom won't damage or mark green. Organize tools with separate compartments for: Hole Cutter, Cup Puller, Cup Setter, Hand Tools, Water Bottle, Paint, Flag, Paint, Cup, Cup Hole Cleaner (* tools sold separately).

$80 each + S/H -------------
Par Aide
Whipping Pole

This "EZ Whip" whipping pole features a fiberglass tip slides inside the handle during storage and transportation and easily lets you "whip" destructive morning dew off of our masterpiece green. The whipping pole is an essential tool in any greenskeepers tool kit for avoiding fungus brought on by morning dew.

$62 each + S/H -------------
Par Aide
Cup Hole Cleaner

All-aluminum construction. The cup hole cleaner is designed to prevent unsightly dirt stains on green by removing water from hole when changing cups, prior to inserting turf plug. To use just remove the cup, insert cup hole cleaner and press down slowly, forcing water into unit and remove. Mess free.

$55 each + S/H -------------
Soil Profile Sampler

This exclusive design makes extracting soil samples easier than ever. Our new Mascaro Designed Profile sampler gives you an undisturbed soil profile 6 in. (15.2cm) deep, 3 in. (7.6cm) wide and 1/2 in. (1.3cm) thick. The hinge allows you to easily view the root zone and thatch clearly, with no bolts or screws to get in the way. The innovative design not only keeps the blades from separating when inserted into the turf, but also makes it easier to replace the sample after viewing.

$212 each + S/H -------------
Par Aide

Give your backyard golf green that "on course" look with these professional course signs from Par Aide. These molded resin signs are virtually unbreakable and are held in place with sturdy stainless steel spikes. Choose from the available signs. Signs are green with raised white letters.

$25 each + S/H -------------
Choose Sign ------
Replacement Flags - small

Replacement Flags for your Practice Green Putting Green flagsets (3x4). Please specify color (Red,Yellow,White,Blue) below.

$15 each + S/H -------------
Choose Color ------
Par Aide
Golf Cup Paint Kit

For the ultimate professional finish .. the Par Aide Golf Cup paint system paints the soil above the cup bright white in five seconds. This patented system will give your putting green hole the tournament finish that you see on television and a target that all golfers will appreciate. Includes (2) cans .. enough for 200 hole paintings.

$130 each + S/H -------------

Professional Greensmowers
Hudson Star
Classic Cut Mower

The Hudson Star Classic Cut Mower brings affordable, but professional greenkeeping tools to the backyard. The H/S Classic Cut is light-weight, built like a tank, easy to adjust and maintain and will have you putting on golf-course quality putting turf in no time. Call 978 465-9345 or email us at info@putting-greens.com for more details.

$2300 each + S/H -------------
US Orders only. International Orders please call 978 465-9345.

Call 978 465-9345 or email us at info@putting-greens.com for more information on orders or any product questions.
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